Alu Foil Paper
Foil Parchment In One

Discription:  Aluminum Foil LIned Parchment;

Coating:  Slicon Coated

Properties: Stand 230℃ - 20 Minutes

Certificates: FDA; FSC, PEFC Standards

Color: Silver Foil / Printed Foil; White Paper / Brown Paper

Rolls: 30mm*10m/Roll ( 12'' x 30 Feet ) / Customized Sizes

Sheets: 20x30cm, 25x35cm, 40x60cm, minimum 5cmx5cm, Customized Sizes

Application: Kitchen Cooking, Extracts, Concentrates Wrapping

* Printed Boxes with Blades to cut as need

Details Foil Parchment In One is a totally creative products for cooking and wrapping.

The advantages as bellow:

  • More stronger than foil, no need wrap and wrap again with foil, only once slove all problem;
  • More easy to shape, in container, in bags, all as you wish;
  • Non-stick, whatever you cook, never stick and keep food nice looking;
  • Easy Cleaning: Wrap anything you don't need all together
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