Parchment Lined Foil
Parchment Lined Aluminium Foil

Amazing New For Baking

Stand 230℃ - 20 Minutes

FDA & EU Standard 

Silver Foil  with Bleached & Unbleached Baking Paper

Rolls & Sheets Customizable

Ideal For Baking, Wrapping and Roasting

Why Choose Parchment Lined Foil

The parchment lined foil creatively combine the Aluminum Foil and Baking Parchment Paper together in one.

Aluminum Foil roll is easily shape and fold for cooking but food will stick on the foil which bring troubles for cooking.

Baking parchment paper roll is non-stick but it couldn't be shpaed and foled which limit the use. 

We present you this amazing parchment lined foil product which combines the advantages of Aluminum Foil Roll and Baking Parchment Roll and bring you a whole new experience of baking, roasting and cooking.

The Parchment Lined Foil advantages as following:

  • more strong than foil and parchment, no need to worry about broke, cooking with fun;

  • Non stick, makes food fresh, clean, easy take;

  • Easy shaping as you want, no juice and food spill over, cooking under control;

  • More application, cakes, fish, meat, one for all food cooking, save energy;

This amazing parchment lined foil product has been exported to USA, UK, Germany, Australia market already and getting popular with great potential market.

We supply parchmen lined foil
 jumbo rolls for automative rolling machines and small rolls with colored boxes with cutter for distributors, wholesalers and supermarkets.

Also precut and sheets of parchment lined foil is also available for food wrapping with brilliant non-stick and heat insulate properties to keep food fresh and warm.

Regular width of parchment lined rolls are 29cm, 30cm, 39cm, 45cm and customizable according to customer's requirements.

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